the trial

"Yes, you are absolutely right!
I do have sweet tooth.
But i NEVER took and ate your lollipop!!!"


Planning a trip

this is never my strength....


The special one

'Senior Hen, what should i do with this kid of mine? Unlike his siblings, he never scratches the soil for worms, never learns to crow, never fights.... He just sits like that the entire day, with a pencil scribbling on the paper. His papa has even given up on him...My clan said that he is an alien.... '


Suspect spotted now!

Quick! Quick! Call the police now!


What have I done in mar 2014???

 open a bookshop?
 form a circus?
Crying the heart out?
Flying in the wind?


drawings from jan-feb 2014

 'Something's new on the menu! It's the plastic fish.'

 She is still learning.

 My treasure map.

While mommy is having her beauty nap.


Sketches done in Sep 2013

Time flies! Today is 1st day of October.
Most of the days in September were spent on traveling in Amsterdam, Belgium and Regensburg. Miss the wonderful time of exploration and sketching in those foreign areas.